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About Us



About Us

Shenzhen Tangreat Technology  Co.,Ltd  was established by Shenzhen Government in 1993, focusing on the development and manufacturing electronic security equipment and telecom Antenna products.

Today, Tangreat is the foremost innovator in the field of RF jammer
. In countering the ever growing threat of remotely controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs), Tangreat has invested heavily in the development of a range of State-of-the-art. Vehicular Jamming system,Portable/Tactical Jammers,Stationary jammerBomb jammers, Rf jammers,Cellphone jammers, Custom/Embassy Jamming Solutions, Portable Jammer system ,Prison Jamming system, Handheld Jammers Solutions and so on, for the protection of troop transportation, Military and Police checkpoints, large Governmental establishments, Bomb Disposal Squads and VIP convoys.

We have strong and excellent R&D group who dedicated to the research and development of our new products.Our leaders are mainly from Tsinghua University and Harbin Engineering University. They have used to work in leading companies in telecom industries, such as Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. and ZTE Corporation. We help customers achieve success, thinking highly of people in our company, pursuing excellence, contributing to our country and inheriting merits of innovative, diligent, precise and practical. We are consumer-oriented and do our best to offer satisfying products to customers.

In 2013, Tangreat registered a new brand---wolvesfleet,  Wolvesfleet focus develops radio frequency jammer equipment, RF jammers, bomb jammers, radio jammers and frequency jamming devices.

 Vehicular Jamming Systems
 Portable Cellphone Jammers
 Prison Jamming Systems
 Rf jammers, Bomb Jammers
 Handheld Jamming Solutions
 Desktop Jamming Solutions

Prison Facilities
Government facilities
Military installations
Parliamentary buildings
Detention facilities
Army checkpoints
Municipal facilities
Convoy Protection
Anti-Riot & Law Enforcement
Bomb Disposal

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