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  • Name:Portable Cellphone Jammers
  • Model:TG-VIP MB1.0
  • Features:TG-VIP MB1.0  is a Portable Rf Jammers There are three types of the device:Portable cellphone jammersPortable cellphone Wifi Jammers,Portable Cellphone GPS Jammers,  Frequency Bands from 400-2500Mhz.

    ● Easy of mobility, can be carried like a trolley.
    ● Suitable for installation in most types of vehicle.
    ● Light in weight of case. The weight of device up to 35Kg. Easier to carry.
    ● Frequency band is optional.
    ● Jams simultaneously and separately up to six selected frequency band
    ● Maximum RF output power up to 500Watt.
    ● Antennas type: high gains omni-directional antennas (Standard) for all bands.(Directional antennas are also optional)
    ● Power source: DC (External) & AC mains (external) both.
    ● With excellent heat dispersion. Fans to keep the heat dispersed.
    ● Each module with antenna can be used as a single jammer.
    ● High Power RF amplifiers with VSWR and temperature self-protection technology.
Product Details
TG-VIP-MB2.0 is not only Portable High power RF Jammer, But also a  Vehicle RF Jamming system
TG-VIP-MB 1.0 is a state-of-the-art efficient cellular /Satellite mobile phone jammer designed for bomb disposal security applications, like Troop marching and filed operation.
The jammer is constructed to block continuously and simultaneously up to six frequency bands.
Its smart active cooling system enables non-stopped use even in a very hard climatic and weather condition.
The user-friendly system is integrated into a trolley type weatherproof and shockproof pelican case1620.
Frequency bands include all the cellular phone system, Wifi / Satellite system optional (Or any customerized frequency bands from 20-2500 MHz)
RF output power up to 360Watt. 
Choice of Frequency bands from:400-2500 MHz

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It can be fixed in car and temporary occasion.
Bomb disposal and vehicle mounting for military complexes.
Filed Operation activity
Special Police Authorities
VIP convoy for security purpose

Large conference ,Infantry units, military security forces, SWAT teams, anti-terror units, anti-drug units, riot control teams, checkpoint personnel, hostage negotiators and border control agents