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  • Name:Vehicular Bomb Jamming system
  • Model:TG-MCP1.2
  • Features:TG-MCP1.2  is a Vehicle Jamming SystemConvoy Jamming SystemRCIED JammerRf JammersBomb Jammers.

    ● Equipped with an ultra-broadband frequency bands : 25-2500Mhz. and 25-3800Mhz
    ● All frequency bands are jammed continuously and simultaneously .
    ● Designed with shockproof case. Easy of mobility, can be carried like a trolley.
    ● Device body is no more than 88Kg.
    ● Integrated back-up battery system for continuous silent operation and fast start .
    ● Integrated independent "smart active" cooling system .
    ● System management (activation, control and operation) is carried out via a remote control unit which is installed (in a covert manner) inside the Driver's console unit.Provided with a on/off switch for each separate frequency band.
    ● Special RF protection shielding design to make sure the passenger and VIP's safety .
    ● Video camera with LCD monitor provides rear viewing and monitoring.
Product Details
To protect military and VIP team as well as some important place from the road-side remote improvised explosive device (RCIED) attacks is becoming a global challenges and tremendous task in security fileds. The state-of -the -art Tangreat TG-MCP 1.2 is designed with ultra-high RF transmission power of 1300 watts, resulting in more coverage distance.
Its jamming system covers the RF communication frequencies from 25MHz to 2500MHz  and 25-3800Mhz which are most commonly used by terrorists to detonate road-side bombs (RCIEDs) continuously and simultaneously.  

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Note: All Bomb Jammers,IED Jammers,RF Signal Jammer and RCIED Jammers,including cell phone jammers and mobile phone jamming devices are sold for governmental, law enforcement and military users only.